"The Real Runner; is a vital piece of training equipment for us at Synergy Sports Performance. We love the angle it puts the athletes in and the strength speed challenge it provides our athletes. There is no doubt in my mind the difference The Real Runner; makes with our athletes. We've had our Real Runners for years now and use them daily."

Scotty Smith


Synergy Sports Performance Green Bay

807 Parkview Rd Green Bay Wi 54304


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“If I could only purchase one machine for sports performance it would be The Real Runner.”

Don Bebee

House of Speed

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"I have been using isokinetic hydraulics exercise for decades first as a athlete and later when I became known as the Dunkmaster teaching athletes to becoming more explosive improving their vertical jumps and learning how to dunk a basketball. The Real Runner leg machine develops powerful hips this translates into speed and power. The Real Runner is a winner. Every athlete should be training on it."

Gil Thomas

The Dunkmaster

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"The Real Runner in my opinion is one of the best training devices for Speed enhancement on the market. It not only develops the the athlete for explosiveness, but for great endurance. I have seen countless athletes benefit from training with The Real Runner."

Bob Tillberg


All About Fitness and Functional Dynamics

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"I’ve been using The Real Runner in my facility since its inception (and) could not imagine training my athletes without this invaluable piece of equipment whether part of one of my acceleration workouts or to finish up our workouts with some hardcore conditioning The Real Runner is an integral part of my athletes training regime."

Bruce Bowers

Owner Acceleration Plus

Training Athletes since 1999

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"Gone are the days that raw natural talent is enough to get you through an entire season of high school football. It takes training. Strength training is essential to the success of any athlete or team. The question becomes, how do we maximize the time that a student athlete can budget towards strength training. One answer is The Real Runner. It works the entire body--every muscle used in the process of running. The Real Runner creates a total exercise, that if used correctly, will certainly enhance the performance of the athlete by building strength and increasing speed. Every athlete, any sport, most all levels, can benefit from The Real Runner training---It's that simple."

Jeffrey C. Tupper

High School Line Coach

University of Oklahoma National Champions 1985

National Football League 86-88

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"When this new device called "The Real Runner" was recently introduced to me I had some of my top athletes take it for a test drive. It only took me a few days to realize that The Real Runner needed to be incorporated into our training program at Kansas City Kansas Community College."

Al Hobson

Head Coach, Track and Field/Cross Country

Kansas City Kansas Community College

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"Thank you, Doc Greer and Tiger Barbell for creating The Real Runner! Our athletes love the results they are experiencing by incorporating The Real Runner interval sprints into our overall training regimen. Awesome piece of equipment and practically maintenance free."

Michael Rankin

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Drexel University

"The Real Runner has been a cornerstone for speed and power in my athletes. It puts them at the proper angle for speed and builds not only the downward force but also fires the hip flexors and quads on the upward motion. The Real Runner teaches the most efficient way to run and we all know more efficiency and power means more speed!"

Dan Jameson

Syndicate Sports Performance

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"The Real Runner is all alone in its class as it fulfills three important requirements for any PT office: it takes little space, it provides something other machine/ alternatives cannot, and it’s a cost effective alternative vs many other pieces of equipment that we see in so many offices. I highly recommend The Real Runner to anyone who works with athletes of all ages."

 Ted Kepros, PT, MPT, MTC

Physical Therapist, President

Kepros Physical Therapy and Performance, PC

101 3rd Ave. SW Suite 102   |  Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

P: 319.200.6102  |  F: 319.200.6104


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Zack Makovsky

World Champion

MMA Bantam Weight

Evan Marguiles

Big 12 Champion

Kansas State Football

Robert Battle

Pro Basketball Player

LNB Finals MVP

Michelle Maslowski

Pro Basketball Player

Basketball Hall of Fame

Mike Daniels

Pro Football Player

Green Bay Packers

Patrick Chung

Pro Football Player

New England Patriots

Robbie Lawler

World Champion

UFC Welterweight

Rachel Bloemker

All American Field Hockey

U.S Women's National